A Wedding Toast: Have You Recognized Your Spouse Lately?

I recently had the distinct pleasure of serving as Matron of Honor for one of my dearest friends.  And with this honor, came the request for a toast.  As I was cleaning up some files on my desktop, I ran across this and I thought I would share. So here is a little bit of marriage advice from the SSS home.

First, laugh – a lot.  Laugh at yourself – and with each other.  Nothing is perfect and when things go wrong, laugh.  Like, when you try to make chocolate pie to impress your mother in-law and end up with chocolate soup instead.  Laugh.  D- I bet he will still tell you it is the best chocolate soup with crust he has ever eaten.  (Yes, true story.)  And later, when you can laugh at it – he will help you as you work through conquering the recipe (that may or may not have taken ½ a decade to perfect)

Second, talk – a lot. This is your new best friend.  Also, don’t just tell other people why you are lucky to have the other one – tell each other.  It means a lot when you are covered in spit up and you are pretty sure that you will never get to sleep in (that is also when you call Aunt Southern)

Third, forget – a lot.  Keeping score is for sports not for marriage.  And making up is so much better when you aren’t keeping score. J

Finally, I will let you in on the secret that only those of us who are married know.  You think that you love each other more than you could ever possibly love anyone right now.  But that isn’t true, each anniversary, you will look back and go wow- I love you even more now.

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