A Working Mom’s Guide to Easter

Being a Southern girl, I love Easter.  I love everything about it from the girly dresses and hats to the gorgeous Easter lilies and of course the meaning of Easter.  And now that I have children, I love it even more.  So here are some of the ways I manage Easter.  Check out my Pinterest page for even more ideas, and for pictures of the items mentioned.

Focusing on the Meaning: I use the Resurrection Eggs.  These are plastic eggs that have little symbols of the story of Easter.  It comes with a booklet that explains the story.  I hide the eggs and let the kids find them.  Then I keep a stash of Jelly Beans and they earn them for identifying the item and how it fits with the story. Next year, I will add the simple verses for my kindergartner to memorize.

The Clothes: Shop for your kids online.  You still have time.  I found a great deal this year at Rags Land (www.ragsland.com).  I ordered my little girl a float dress with her initials monogrammed on the white collar that I paid less than $55 for, and I ordered my son a matching dress shirt with his initials.  I ordered both of them shoes from Amazon.  You can print out a foot pattern to see what size you need. (http://www.famousfootwear.com/en-US/Content/fit.aspx)

Money Saving Tips:  I will have my son wear his usual Sunday khakis, and I picked something for both of them that doesn’t scream Easter – so we can wear them throughout summer and my son’s dress shirt will make a whole new outfit with a sweater vest when it is cooler in the fall.  I am recycling an Easter dress from a couple of years ago (It is a solid shift) that I will pair with a new cardigan from Target ($15).  My husband is recycling his whole outfit with a forgotten tie.

The Food: I am actually taking the kids to visit family right before Easter, and I will stress myself out if I try to cook on Sunday after being gone.  So, I am using Whole Foods prepared Easter.  Also, I discovered Williams Sonoma has one that will deliver to you.  But for those of you that want to cook or are just bringing a dish somewhere, I have posted some of my favorites that are easy on my Pinterest page.

The Baskets: I must confess I splurged, and bought both my kids Pottery Barn Easter baskets.  But I actually use them the rest of the year as storage for the “little things” in their room.  My son has a little flash light, his pocket knife, etc… in his.  As for the filling, I actually buy practical things to fill them.  I just ordered graphic t-shirts and spring pajamas for both from the Old Navy sale.  I give them each a book, which I ordered from Amazon.  When I pick up diapers at Target, I will run to the back and get them each some bubbles and two candy items for my son.  The one year old gets a plush toy.

Egg Dying:  I keep it simple, and this is supposed to be FUN … not stressful.  I will cook my eggs on a Friday night, and that Saturday morning we will go outside with a drop cloth and old clothes and just have fun.  This is a project for the kids and not an art competition – sorry Pinterest.  I bought cheap kits at Target which include superhero stickers for my son and big crayons for my daughter.  We will make a mess and we will have FUN.

Confession:  Last year, I tried to make Pirate eggs with my son.  He had a great time, and I felt bad that they didn’t look like the ones on Pinterest.  I made another half dozen that night just to have “pretty pirate eggs.”  But what I realize now, is he had a great time with the first batch, even though it was a Pinterest Fail.

Summary: Just have FUN and plan ahead so you can have FUN.


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