Who Is Southern Service Style?


By day I am a healthcare administrator who believes in:

  • the power of Southern manners (please and thank you),
  • Service (like the Ritz Carlton … not being hollered at by some person behind a Plexiglas window),
  • and Style – a touch of your taste to accentuate your originality (You dress for the job you want and to make yourself feel good).

By night, I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, next door neighbor – the nice Southern woman you met at a conference and want to send her your entire policy manual to read. I approach each and every one  of these relationships with my Southern manners, my belief in Service (in this case the Golden Rule), and Style (because I dress to make myself happy).

I do have a name … but for now call me Southern, Triple S or that crazy woman with the car seats that sings and car dances in her SUV. The cartoon above will give you a face for the non-name.

Welcome to my world!

I was an only child for 9 years … so I don’t understand words like “can’t” or “no” or “shouldn’t”.  I believe everything is an opportunity.  There are no problems … only opportunities, which I plan to explore  through:

Service : Here I will discuss the adventures of working in healthcare and I include service lessons that resonate across all industries. I include articles I find interesting, and I share the plethora of stories that I have from working in healthcare.

Style: Here you will find tips from work appropriate attire to weekend attire for the working professional (because you never know who you might run into) to ways to save money tips while keeping that distinctive “you.”

Confessions: More than just a professional blog, here you will find my thoughts on the “opportunities” that go hand-in-hand with being a working mother.  Like you would with your friends in a similar work/life/juggling situation, I will share what works for our family where I have had opportunities (and where I have had wins).  I also share those people that inspire me.

Southern: This is the home for writing about anything else of interest – favorite recipes, decorating tips, and my general love of all things Southern.


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