Ask Southern: Birthday Parties

Dear Southern,

My child attends day care and we have been part of the whole class invite to their birthday party.  If we have to attend all 20 kids parties and buy gifts, I am afraid that is a little much and time consuming.  How do you handle this?

Birthday Overwhelmed


Dear Birthday,

I can totally relate.  We follow a simple rule, we ask our child to name the children he considers his friends and we ask the teacher to verify the children he really plays with.  If the child doesn’t fall in that category, we politely decline the invitation.  This allows us to go to 4 or 5 parties versus 20; and these are the children we invite to his party.  In terms of gifts, I shop the bargain section at Target and keep a couple of things in my “gift box” in a storage closet. (Examples: bubbles, super hero and princess playing cards, coloring books with crayons, bouncy balls, etc…) I use these little items as rewards for my kids and combine a few as presents for others.  I also keep a shoe box with a mixture of cards for birthdays, get well, condolences, etc… to have on hand for last minute needs.


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