Ask Southern: Keeping It Real

Dear SSS,

Does your evening system with your husband ever not work?  Or does it always go like clockwork?


Keeping It Real


Keeping It Real,

Thank you for thinking it might go like clockwork. It doesn’t … we are humans and life happens and the thing we do really well (98% of the time) is we roll with it.  The division of nights is more to give the other one a pass to just be for a few minutes by themselves.  However, this week is a great example of the realness of our lives.  Monday our 2 year-old who is potty-training had a potty event right before bath that required both of us to tag team and even though it was just my night, Mr. Style pitched in.  On Wednesday, Mr. Style and I were both late getting home and we had to eat dinner late which pushed back bath time and we both tag-teamed, because we were scrambling.  Thursday night, Mr. Style had a work related phone call at bath time, so I got them started.  The message of our routine, really is that of communication and an understanding that we both need a few minutes of time for ourselves in our chaotic week.  We are a team.

The other message is that we choose a positive attitude.  We make a point to say, “Thank You,” to show our appreciation for the other one.  And each non-clockwork event is an “opportunity” vs. a “problem”.  When we find ourselves feeling negative about the opportunities of being busy working parents, we focus on the two beautiful children we prayed so hard to have.



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