Ask Southern: Melasma

I recently have run into several people who have asked me about how I treated my post-baby Melasma.

Never fear, I have tried a lot of things and can help you find a treatment for you.  I am listing them in order of most expensive to least expensive.

Peels: I tried some at home peels, but the biggest bang for my buck came from the Vi Peel.  I waited two years post delivery and decided I had to try something more intense and it was the Vi Peel.  I did 3 of these about 6 months apart and it was worth every penny.  The caveat, be prepared for your skin to turn really red and itchy and it will flake away for about a week.  However, what comes back is a dewy, glowy and less spotted you.  Other things to remember, you need to invest in a gentle cleanser (like Cera-Ve found at the drug store) and some serious moisturizer and sunscreen.  I like Elta MDs UV Clear sunscreen (I use this daily) and their moisturizer (I use a pea size drop of this every night and used it as my moisturizer for the day for a month post peel).

Microdermabrasion:  About once a quarter, I like to get a microdermabrasion to just get all the dead skin off.  I follow with a moisturizer rich in hyaluronic acid to really hydrate my face.  I find this helps reduce the appearance of the uneven skin tone.

Clarisonic Facial Brush: I think anything similar to this would work, but I find this really helps brighten my skin.  I also found I could switch to a gentler more moisturizing cleanser, because this will still get my skin clean.

Other At Home Treatments:  After Baby #2, I found her being a winter baby and the liberal use of sunscreen helped keep the Melasma at bay.  I didn’t have to get another Vi Peel (Mr. Style appreciated that)  So now, I use Peter Thomas Roth’s Unwrinkle Pads for flare ups –otherwise I just use them as a weekly keep the monsters away treatment.  Every make up line and most skin care lines have some type of uneven skin tone treatment.  I tried Clinique, Ole Henrikson, Smashbox, and Dior.  I found that although they do help slowly, they really dried me out and I don’t want to flake during the day.  What I did learn was to apply at night and use a moisturizing wash with a gentle exfoliator each morning to rebrighten and avoid flaking.

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