Ask Southern: Waiting for a Potential Employer


Came so close – a great job, a great company and at the 1 yard line of the hiring slog, they move the goal posts. There is apparently another candidate that is great and they say they can’t decide between me and that other candidate. Another presentation/exercise is put in place. 
Long story short, I wasn’t the final choice. On the way out the door the HR manager says she is confident I am the kind of material their company wants, and if I see a position I am interested in – contact her directly and she will be my personal “talent manager.”
I have emailed her several times and called once, but received no response. Is this just HR policy getting in the way of communication or did I take that offer to guide me into the company through a different position a little too literally?


Waiting for the phone to Ring


Dear Waiting,

I don’t think you took the offer too literally.  Most people wouldn’t make such a personal offer, if they weren’t serious.  Most likely, it is a combination of factors.  They have a lot on their plate in addition to your interest, and they probably have to find time to introduce you to the manager with the opening you have applied for.  Especially with school starting back and the holiday, this can take some time.

I would suggest the following, wait two weeks from your last contact, and then follow-up with an e-mail that thanks them for their help and inquire about the status of the position and let them know you will follow-up in two weeks to see if there is anything else you can provide for them.  This gives them a pseudo-deadline and keeps you from being too pushy.

Best of luck,


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