Because We Love You: Teaching Your Children a Work Ethic

Mr. Style and I had a discussion about how our parents instilled our work ethic.  His dad used to say, “I am doing this because I love you.”  And as much as my children are going to hate this, here are the things that we are going to do … because we love them:

  1. You will have chores. You will be expected to not only pick up after you eat, keep your room and play areas clean, but you will help clean your bathroom, and help with cleaning the house. (secretly, I am hoping cleaning the toilet will teach my son to have much better aim)  This will teach you that there is no magic fairy and if you make a mess, you own it.
  2. When you are old enough, you will baby sit or volunteer working with young children. You need to appreciate what it is like to take care of another human being.
  3. We will volunteer as a family. We are blessed in so many ways, and I want you to appreciate what we have. I also want you to work in a setting outside our home to see how mom and dad give 100% to each thing they do.
  4. You will have an allowance, and a savings account. We want you to learn what money is and how it works.
  5. You will have a job for school breaks. I don’t care that your friends are spending their summer sleeping in, and going to the pool.  Your daddy and I both worked, and I promise you will thank us one day.
  6. You will not be allowed to quit a team or activity mid-year. I am sorry you don’t like the coach or teacher or some of your peers, but guess what … one day you will probably have a boss or work peers you don’t like.  I do promise to listen to your frustrations, and to give you some tools for dealing with it.
  7. I also promise that every moment you are miserable in any of these activities that it will break my heart. However, I promise that one day, you will realize we did this because “we love you to the moon and back”
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