Book Review – Smile and Move

Smile and Move by Sam Parker is a book that will motivate your team “to be more positive and service-oriented in their efforts with customers” and eachother.  This is one of my favorite books for front line team members on how to deliver great customer experiences every time.

The book is divided into 5 ways to smile and 4 ways to move.  Sam starts with focusing on your attitude (smile) and then moves to your actions (moving).  Having each way be it’s own chapter makes it easier to digest, and you can read each chapter in less than 5 minutes.  I love that Sam wrote it in a way that even a teenager could read the book and grasp the concepts.

There are too many take-aways from this book to list – but here are the 9 ways to smile and move

Wake Up (Engage with care and attention)

Be Thankful (The opportunity to serve is a gift)

Be Approachable (We’re at each other’s service)

Complain Less (Being positive is more fun)

Smile. Really. (It’s where pleasantness begins)

Start Early and Go Long (Get lost in your service to others)

Exceed Expectations(Expect more from yourself)

Have a Sense of Urgency (Everone’s time is valuable)

Be Resourceful and Resilient (Results are what we’re all after)


And my favorite quote from the book:

“We need to more consistently approach our day and work with gratitude and remember that we’re not entitled to either – they are gifts. And the most powerful way to express our gratitude is by serving others as well as we possibly can, to put their needs before our own (in whatever role we’re in).”

I like to use this book over 12 weeks.  The first 5 weeks we focus on each of the ways to Smile.  Week 6 we summarize Smiling.  Weeks 7 – 10 we focus on each of the ways to move.  Week 11, we review moving.  Week 12 we put it all together and SMOVE. (Check out his website at


SOUTHERN STARS RANKING: This book receives my highest award of 5 Southern Stars.

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