Dear SSS: Confused About a Pro-Working Mom Article

Dear SSS,

I read this article and something about it didn’t sit well with me despite the “don’t give up on your dreams” point.  Can I get your take?



Dear Confused,

I think the article promised more than it delivered.  Although, I am so glad that Susan Tynan ignored those that told her she couldn’t be a mom and start her own company.  I think what you were looking for from the article (which I hope I provide in my blog) is more clarity about how you and your partner negotiate a shared schedule when you are both in demanding jobs.  I applaud Susan and her husband for having that open dialogue and support of each other.  I realize that not all of you have that.  I feel very blessed that Mr. Style wants me to have my career, too.  He is an active father.  For more on how we balance our evenings.

The other idea that didn’t sit well with me, is the idea of no longer being the primary caregiver and maybe I am just taking issue with the wording.  We for all purposes have a “nanny” and during the week, my daughter does spend more waking time with her than me, but I am still the mother and I still drive all the important caregiver decisions.  Don’t get me wrong, my nanny and I have a very open dialogue and we make a lot of decisions together, but she recognizes my place as the mother.  Just like any other working mom, someone is going to be spending more waking time with your children during the week than you are.

In the end, I think the bigger point is that we can have a career and a family, but it requires a team of support to do that.


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