Hands On Manager

Mondays are going to be Management Mondays.  We are going to explore different types of managers.

What is a Hands On Manager?

Someone willing to pitch in, when you or your team needs help

Essentially, this is the manager that puts aside whatever they are doing to ensure the daily operations are being met


  • When it snows at the hospital, this is the administrator that is in the cafeteria wearing the hair net serving food, because staff couldn’t get there
  • In a physician practice, this is the manager answering phone calls because the flu has put half the team out

Someone who understands the pressures of your job, because they know how to do your job

I strongly believe that in order to manage something you need to know how to do it.  Not be better at it, but just be able to do it

  • Example – In my offices, I can do all of the administrative functions. I can also put a patient into the room and perform basic vital signs such as weight, blood pressure, and temperature.  I can maneuver through our Electronic Health Record.  But I am not better or faster than my team.

You also need to understand your operations from start to finish.

  • If you are managing a physician practice, you need to understand how an appointment is made, what goes in to confirming that appointment, what happens when the patient arrives for that appointment, how the patient is brought back, what happens when the patient is seen, what happens before the patient can leave, how is the visit paid for, and what happens in terms of follow up to that visit

I realize that there are limitations to this.  For example, if you are managing IT folks but are not trained in IT – you probably shouldn’t be working on your company’s servers.  However, you can shadow these areas to understand their workflow.

How does a Hands On Manager take it to the next level?  By Listening.  I will do an article on rounding later, but I block time 2 days a week to walk through my departments to see how everyone is doing and to listen to anything that is in the way of my team members doing the best job they can.  Also, check out my article

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