Improving the Suit: Are Your Shoes Making or Breaking Your Suit?  

I LOVE shoes.  I am a girly, girl – so I love high heel shoes, and they are my shoe of choice. However, I think flats are a good choice if that is your personality – my rules below will still apply.

Rule #1: Shoes that look like they could float and if given a tiny motor be Barbie’s new form of transportation are not professional.  Former nurses, that means your Dansko’s are not suit appropriate.  (Obviously this rule does not apply if you work in areas that require this type of shoe.  However, I suggest keeping these in your office and changing for meetings.)

Rule #2: Platforms that exceed ½” do not have a place at the office for 9 to 5 girls.  I have some cute date night platforms, but they really are not work appropriate.

Rule #3: Heel height that exceeds 4” is really best for after 5.  I don’t exceed 3”, but that is both a practical and comfort choice.  (Find the height that works for you and have all your pants tailored for that.  I also have a few flats and pants that work with those.)

Rule #4: Glitter and sparkle are also for after 5.

Rule #5: Have fun.  Buckles, patterns and color are your friends and you should let your shoes express some of your personality.  They can really spice up your black suit.  I love doing a black suit with a black shirt and a red heel.

Rule #6: Shoes are a great way to slim your look.  Matching your pant and shoes or matching your skin tone when wearing a skirt really elongates your look.  A pointier toe, will also elongate your look.  Post baby, I would wear dark suits with matching heels to elongate the overall look.

Rule #7: Dress boots or booties are okay with your suit.  Especially on rainy or cold days, I like the ability to wear warmer socks, and dressy boots are fine with your pant suit.  Or for those of you on trend, a cute bootie with your skirts.  Just follow the above rules.

(Mommy Tip: I keep flats in my car and just fold up my trousers for the heels I don’t want to cart baby in.)

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