Improving the Suit: How to Dress Appropriately for the Heat

This time of year presents a huge dressing challenge.  You need a suit that works for both chilly conference rooms and for surviving an outdoor walk around your campus in the Southern summer heat.

Fabric – I choose a lightweight fabric.  Linen can be your friend if you buy a linen blend, and I always have it lined.  The combination of lining it and the blend reduces the wrinkling.  Another option is cotton sateen, which is just a dressier cotton that doesn’t wrinkle as easily as regular cotton.  Again, you want to get a lined pant or skirt.  A third fabric is a lightweight wool (some stores call this a summer wool or seasonless wool).  I still find this fabric to be a little hot and really feel it is better suited for days you will not be outside long or if a cool front came through.

Top – Sleeveless is your friend.  I always wear sleeveless.  Ann Taylor offers their perfect shirt online in sleeveless.  They also have some cute shell options.  I love a cowl neck shell as another option this time of year.

Skirt or Pants – The day you are hiking around campus, I recommend a skirt or dress.  However, I am old school Southern, and that means sheers on your legs.  The long day in a chilly board room is definitely a pants day.  (I also keep a pair of trouser socks and different shoes in my bag for those occasions)

Dress – I like the option of a dress – it somehow makes me feel cooler psychologically to only have a dress and a blazer.  This also gives you the option to wear a lighter fabric and the choice of something with a little more movement.

Things I Keep in My Bag to Refresh: Boogie Wipes (I like to consolidate – so these little guys are great for removing sweat and for cleaning up little monkeys), Travel deodorant, Aquage Travel Dry Shampoo (I turn my head upside down and spray a little to reboost my style and it smells great), Touch Up Make Up with Oil Absorbing Papers

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