Improving the Suit: Transitioning to Winter

Today we are going to talk about transitioning your fall work wardrobe into winter.  One of the challenges I find is that even as the temperature drops outside, my office temperature seems to actually feel warmer.

Pair your fall/spring blouses with Warmer Pieces – I like to mix a lightweight blouse with my heavier wool suits.  This way if I get hot, I can take off the jacket.  Plus it helps me feel more girly.

Top Coats are Your Friend – I am amazed at the number of professionals who do not own a winter dress coat.  This is the best way to avoid buying a whole new winter wardrobe.  Put a dress coat over your normal suit or dress.  It will keep you from freezing outside and burning up inside.  I have added a coat section to my Pinterest board.

Bring In Winter Colors – I love winter white.  It is such a feminine look, and really helps you pop amidst the sea of black, navy, and charcoal.

Pull Out Your Tights– Nothing gives a skirt new life like a pair of tights.

Don’t forget to visit my Pinterest site for my ideas.  I would also love to hear your ideas of how you transition to winter.

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