The In Charge Manager

What is an In Charge Manager?

Someone who thrives on communication.

This is the leader that needs a detailed account of everything.  They require constant communication with their team.  They need reports and data.  They need to be part of the decision making process.

Someone who is into the details.

Projects and decisions typically take longer with an In Charge manager, but their value is in their ability to think through all potential risks of a decision or action.

Someone who is slow to trust.

This is the leader who you have to earn their respect over time, but once you have it they are a great advocate for you.

Someone who is respected for their good judgment.

This is the leader that the organization respects for always giving sound advice and making good decisions.

All 4 Traits must be present to be an in charge leader.

Examples of In Charge Management

  • This is the leader who reads all the reports and data. And then has at least twenty questions for their team.
  • They are the leader who is going to ask the tough questions about the details of a project. They want to ensure that everything has been though through.  They then want a graphical outline of the timetable to complete.

Each organization needs an in charge manager.  They bring clarity and a time to pause before you start down a path to change.  But never forget this manager is detail oriented.

How does an In Charge Manager take it to the next level? Team Building.  This is usually not a warm and fuzzy manager, and they need help for the team to see their value.

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