The Inspirational Manager

What is an Inspirational Manager? They are the embodiment of the 3 C’s.

Someone who is charismatic.

This is the leader that gets up and everyone is excited to hear what they have to say.  They have a gift for story telling and have the ability to use this gift for getting others to join their cause.

Someone who is charming.

Not only are their great public speakers, but they are truly likeable.  They have the ability to make each person they meet feel important, and that you have their undivided attention.

Someone who is caring.

This is the leader who cares about your work environment, and will make sure that you feel you have what you need to do your job.  They also want to know about your successes at work and if something big is going on at home.

All 3 Traits must be present to be an inspirational leader.

Examples of Inspirational Management

  • This leader walks around (possibly with some coaching from a direct supervisor), and greets employee’s by name and recognizes birthdays, children’s achievements, or work on a special project.
  • They are the leader you don’t mind having to stand in your heels on a concrete floor to listen to their 20 minute talk.
  • They are the leader that seeks out employee opinions and takes their suggestions to become the strategic plan for employee satisfaction. These are big picture leaders.

Each organization needs an inspirational manager if you are conducting any type of change.  I have worked with physicians and CEOs who embody this trait.  They are your politicians for change.  You want them out delivering your message.  But never forget this manager is a big picture manager.

How does an Inspirational Manager take it to the next level? Motivational Interviewing.  This will give them the tools to impart change as they work with groups and individuals.  The other piece is delegation.  Finding this manager a good network of individuals to delegate to allows them to be out focusing on the big picture buy in.

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