The Working Mom’s Guide to Halloween

It’s October … I know … I feel like it was just summer.  And with kids, it is all about Halloween.  So here are some of the ways I manage Halloween.  Check out my Pinterest page for even more ideas, and for pictures of the items mentioned.

The Clothes: I bought my daughters from the Disney at JC Penny and got the dress a lot cheaper than the Disney Store.  My son is Captain America from Amazon Prime.  You still have time, Amazon Prime ships in 2 days.

Money Saving Tips:  I like things that do double duty and can be worn, again.  My son was a superhero one year and I bought long john pajamas that looked like a super hero shirt with a graphic belt and then ordered him a really cute cape and some moccasin socks from Hanna Anderson (I bought red to use for Christmas)

The School Party: Thankfully most schools want you to buy things premade to avoid any allergy problems.  When you make your weekly shopping trip pick up something easy like Smartpop Popcorn in individual bags.  There are 12 to a bag.  Or order from Amazon Prime.

The Candy: If you are worried about being allergy friendly, get toys.  You can get 156 piece assortment of Halloween stuff for $21.57 on Amazon right now.  I actually wait until the day before to buy candy because I don’t want to spend the next few weeks eating it.

The Pumpkin:  Several years ago, I invested in a plastic pumpkin that has a carved face and a plug-in light from Target.  I now can put it out on October 1 and look “together”.  We do still buy pumpkins, but it is whenever we get around to it.  We went this past weekend because it was pretty and we actually had time to enjoy the pumpkin patch.  FYI, the grocery store sells pumpkins and they work just as well.

Money Saving Tip: We printed a superhero carving pattern off of Pinterest instead of paying $10 for the patter and cheap tool set at the store.

Be the Fun Mom: I dress up.  I don’t care what the other moms do.  Last year, we were the Batman and Robin Family.  I wore a batgirl t-shirt. My baby was dressed as batgirl.  My husband wore a batman shirt and our son was Robin.  This year, we are less coordinated with the Princess and Captain America.  I have an orange witch hat and I wear all black and carry a broom.  I think it is important to show our kids that we can have fun with them.

Summary: Just have FUN and plan ahead so you can have FUN.


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