The Working Mom’s Guide to the Holiday Dash

Hello November …. Or as I like to call it the Mad Dash between Halloween and Christmas.  So here we go – My tips for surviving the Holiday Dash.

Dinner: This time of year is all about soups, stews and chilis.  I make a lot and it gets me 3 dinners out of the week.  My recipes are on my Pinterest page, but I always double cook on Sunday.  I make dinner with leftovers for Tuesday and I cook another soup, stew, chili to get me Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Fridays are pizza or popcorn movie night.

Thanksgiving Food: For my newlywed followers, don’t do the crazy recipe for your in-laws.  Trust me, I made chocolate soup pie one year (that is not what it was supposed to be – I felt like Bridget Jones with her blue soup) and I stressed myself out.  Go with what you are good at.  For those of us who are more seasoned and are wrangling the little ones, go with what you really have time for – not in the perfect world if all the stars and moons line up.  Don’t beat yourself up if that is a store-bought something.  Last year, I did not have time to bake a cake for Thanksgiving and I picked one up at Whole Foods.  The lack of stress was worth every penny.

Kids and Eating with Family: I always make my contribution something I know that my kids will eat, especially at the more extended family events.

The Shopping:  I start stashing for Christmas now.  As I see things on my weekly Target run that I think will make a good stocking stuffers, I go ahead and pick it up.  Anytime, I am at a store, I think about Christmas.  Hubby and I do this as a fun date night during the week when the stores are less crowded.  We pick a day and meet after work for dinner and shopping.  We have another couple that we swap sitting for – we do the same for them the next week.

Money Saving Tip:  Watch Amazon’s pre-black Friday deals.  Use Target’s Cartwheel with their weekly ad to maximize savings.

The Elf: We do elf, but I do EASY elf.  I schedule them on my work calendar that syncs with my phone.  I do the “harder” things on the weekend and give them easy tasks during the week. Mine hangs out in shoes and coats, visit the bathroom with the toothbrush (see EASY and promoting good hygiene).  On the weekends we do the really cute stuff like a marshmallow bath, bringing cookie cutters, pancakes, and mine come with Swiffer rockets to encourage the children to help me clean.

Summary: Just have FUN and plan ahead so you can have FUN.  Don’t forget to check my Pinterest site to view my recipes and ideas for the Holidays.


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