Weekend Manager Style: Do You Dress for the Job You Want?

As I start to write this article, Erin Brockovich comes on the TV and I have to laugh … she dresses in what she likes and I really do love that.  I think your clothes should reflect your personality, and you should feel good in them.  However, I do think as a manager you need to consider how out of office attire reflects you.  Here are the two questions I ask myself when I consider wardrobe choices?

  1. How would I feel if my boss wore that?
  2. Would I promote someone wearing that?

The cliché “Dress for the job you want,” is a good thing to keep In mind as you make those critical wardrobe choices. Here are some of my weekend outfit ideas.  Don’t forget my Pinterest page is full of my favorite seasonal style guides here.

Spouse’s Company Picnic (Summer) – I usually opt for a sundress with a summer weight cardigan.  That way, I am covered on the top, but not so hot.  I pair with some cute, comfortable sandals and twist my hair back in a loose chignon for an easy but polished look.

State Fair (Fall) – I love comfy jeans and I think distressed jeans are fine out on the weekend.  I pair my distressed jeans with cowboy boots, a cotton jacket, and a long sleeve t-shirt.  I find a jacket raises the level of the outfit.

Christmas Parade (Winter)  – You should be warm and comfortable, but you can still do it in something that you are okay meeting your boss’s wife wearing.  I have a really fun raspberry colored wool wrap coat that I add a navy and cream scarf around my neck, add jeans (either lined or get some cuddle duds underneath), add brown leather gloves and brown boots, and a cream turtleneck sweater.

Night Baseball Game (Spring) – I know it is a ball game, but if you are in town then you have a good chance of running into coworkers.  I like a stretch skinny cropped pant, flats, a tunic, and a layering cami.  I think the outfit has a little more polish, but is still comfortable.

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