Who Is Southern Service Style?

DSC_9901ecHi, I’m Nikki!  By day, I am a healthcare administrator who believes in the power of Southern manners (making people feel welcomed), Customer Service (the Golden Rule), and I think everything is better when it has Style (dressing to reflect your personality).  By night, I am a mother of two, wife, daughter, friend, sister, next door neighbor, the nice Southern woman you met at a conference that one time and want to send her your entire policy manual to read (true story).  My philosophy: approach all of these relationships with my Southern manners and my belief in Service and Style.

Welcome to my world!

I was an only child for 9 years … so I don’t understand words like “Can’t” or “No” or “Shouldn’t”.  I believe everything is an opportunity.  There are no problems … only opportunities.

In my Service section, I discuss the adventures of working in healthcare, including service lessons that resonate across all industries. I include articles I find interesting, and share stories/lessons learned from working in healthcare.

In my Style section, I write about dressing for the work and the weekend as a working professional (because you never know who you might run into).  I also try to give you money-saving tips.

In my Confessions section, I write about the opportunities of being a working mother.  I share what works for our family.  And I tell you where I have found wins among those opportunities.  I also share things about people who inspire me.

In my Southern section, I try to curate the best of the region – from recipes to decorating, my general love for all things Southern.

Photo Courtesy of www.myimagesbymonica.com

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